This Agreement specifies the terms and conditions of use of materials and services of

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 Using the materials and services of the Website is regulated by the effective law of the Russian Federation.

1.2 This Agreement is a public offer. The User is considered to be acceded to the Agreement since gaining access to the materials of the Website.

1.3 The Website’s administration has the right to make amendments to this Agreement at any time on a unilateral basis. These amendments come into force 3 (three) days after publishing a new version of the Agreement at the Website. If the User has disagreed as amended, he is obliged to discard access to the Website and stop using the materials and services of the Website.

2. User’s responsibilities

2.1 The User agrees not to take any actions which may cause breaking Russian or international law, including the regulations related to intellectual property, copyright, and/or related rights. As well as any actions which may destroy the Website and its services.

2.2 Using the materials from the Website without the owner’s consent is not allowed (article 1270 of civil law of the Russian Federation). To use the materials from the Website legally, it is necessary to conclude license agreements (licensing) with the Owners.

2.3 In case of quoting the text materials from the Website, including secured copyright pieces, an active link to the Website is compulsory (sub-clause 1 of clause 1 in article 1274 of civil law of Russian Federation).

2.4 The comments and other User’s files shall not contravene the legal requirements of the Russian Federation and generally accepted norms of morality and ethical code.

2.5 The User is warned that Website administration does not bear the responsibility for visiting and using external resources by the links from the Website.

2.6 The User agrees that Website Administration does not bear the responsibility and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User regarding any possible or occurred losses or damages related to any content of the Website, copyright registration, and information about this registration, products, or services, available on the Website or obtained through external sites, resources, or other communications the User has participated, using the information placed at the Website or links to the external resources.

2.7 The User assumes that all materials and services of the Website or any part of them may be accompanied by the advertisement. The User agrees that the Website Administration does not bear any responsibility and has no obligations in relation to this advertisement.

3. Other conditions

3.1 All possible disputes arising from or related to this Agreement are subject to settlement under the effective law of the Russian Federation

3.2 Nothing in this Agreement is intended to establish an agency relationship between the Website Administration and the User, as well as the friendly relationship, relations in joint activities, employment relations, or any other relations, not stipulated by this Agreement directly.

3.3 Annulling by the court or not being the subject to compulsory execution of any condition of the Agreement does not make null and void other conditions of the Agreement.

3.4 The Website’s Administrative dereliction in case of breaking the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the User, does not deprive the Administration of the right to take proper actions in the protection of their interests and copyright rights for the materials of the Website, secured under the law later.

The User confirms that has duly read and understood all the clauses of this Agreement and accepts them unconditionally.

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