Video course "Sailor mice"

— The video course includes patterns for:
  • mouse;
  • a navy tunic;
  • shorts;
  • beret;
  • matross dress;
  • pantaloons;
  • overalls;
  • sailor dress.

This course will take place entirely on this site and will always be available to you in your personal account.

—  What is waiting for you on this course?
  • You will learn from what materials and with what threads it is best to sew teddy mice;
  • You will see what tools will be needed in the work and where to find them;
  • Cut out and prepare for hand sewing all the details of the mice;
  • Learn to quickly and efficiently sew all the details of the mice - from the heels, to the top of the head;
  • Learn how to make the toys movable;
  • In what sequence to assemble toys in teddy style;
  • Learn how to make tucks on the face;
  • Learn how and how to tint toys;
  • Together we will cut and sew them 4 different sets of clothes (as on the photo);
  • We will go through all the steps together and you will definitely be able to sew a whole flock of potbellied mice, even if you had no idea how to do it before!

— Where to get the materials?
  • In the master class itself there is a detailed list of materials and tools, according to which you can find everything you need in any store for teddists. If you need a ready set of materials, write to me))))

—  Who is suitable for this mk?
  • The course is suitable for those who have never sewed toys in the style of Teddy bears, but very much in love with these mischievous mice and wants to sew themselves the same ones.
  • The course is suitable for those who already know how to sew toys (interesting techniques and author's techniques are waiting for you in the course).

— What you need for the job:
  • A lot of interest and desire;
  • We will sew by hand, so no sewing machine will be needed!
  • Good lighting and a secluded place to work (lamp + table + chair);
  • A set of materials (viscose, fasteners, eyes, thread, oil paints or pastels). I give all recommendations for materials!
  • If you want your work to be seen by many people or want to see the results of other students, see the Instagram tag #glarchik_mk
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