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You don’t have to be a child to become friends with a teddy bear

I am Larisa Gavrikova, I create original hand-made teddy-bear style toys, besides I teach the craft of doing that on my online courses and master classes.

Reasons to get trained
  • Knowledge
    I will talk about professional materials and how to choose them, the basics of toy technology and tools, you will also learn what mistakes can occur and how to avoid them
  • Practicum
    In the classroom, you can immediately test the knowledge gained in practice and get my recommendations and advice
  • Finished toy
    The result of our lessons will be your one and only, the best toy
  • Great mood
    At my master classes, you are guaranteed to receive a positive charge and a smile from ear to ear, because our common goal is to acquire new knowledge with pleasure
My priorities
The materials used are hypoallergenic and completely harmless
Green operation
Each toy is created in a single copy
Ten years of experience in my favourite hobby does the trick
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