Video course "Micro elephant Lokotamiks"

The video course includes patterns for:
  • elephant;
  • overalls;
  • dress with flounces;
  • a dress with long sleeves;
  • neck scarf;
  • panties;
  • knickers;
  • jacket;
  • shorts;
  • a pouch and an embroidery pattern.

The video course includes lessons on knitting:
  • striped cap with knitting needles;
  • crochet cap.

The video course includes a lesson on building a dress pattern!
  • I will demonstrate how to create a dress pattern, on which we will sew together a dress elephant dress
Who will benefit from this tutorial?
  • Those who have never sewed toys in the style of Teddy bears, but very much in love with these pudgy elephants and wants to sew them themselves;
  • Those who already know how to sew toys (interesting techniques and author's techniques are waiting for you in the course);
  • Those who do not know how to build a pattern of clothes;
  • For those who want to relax and immerse themselves in the meditative process of creating toys with their mother, grandmother, sister or with their daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend;
  • For those who would like to attend my in-person workshop, but can't for some reason
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