Tips, hacks and tricks for making a Teddy toy
There are two options. The first one assumes gaining experience through trial and mistakes. Another one is to save time and avail yourself with the knowledge of other successful artists, who generously share their experience.

    My tips for preparing to create a toy
    Necessary materials
    1. Pattern
    2. Skin (viscose, mohair or other material)
    3. Cotter pins and discs of the correct size
    4. A pair of glass eyes
    5. Threads for sewing parts (waxed multilayer thread)
    6. Thread Iris for spout
    7. Sawdust (large and small)
    8. Metal granulate
    1. Scissors for cutting parts from viscose
    2. Cutting scissors with sharp points
    3. Long, thin but durable doll needle
    4. Needles for sewing parts
    5. Bradawl
    6. Tweezers
    7. Chipping pins
    8. Pliers (round nose pliers) large and small
    9. Wooden stick for stuffing or cross-head screwdriver
    Basic tools
    Additional tools
    1. Brush for combing the skin
    2. Brushes for tinting
    3. Erasers 4 pcs (cut the eraser into cubes 1x1 cm)
    4. Compass-meter
    5. Ruler
    6. Plastic for templates
    7. White gel pen
    8. Simple pencil
    9. Lighter
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