Making a clothing pattern

Video lesson
This time I suggest to reveal the theme of clothing for toys

Not all of us have sartorial knowledge and experience, so there is a fear of failure and a lack of understanding where to start?! It is good when toys do not need clothes, but there are those who directly require a whole wardrobe!

In this course, I will demonstrate two ways to build clothing patterns that can be used for toys of any shape and size.

Sometimes we want to meet common standards: quality of work, style, handwriting. But is it necessary? Can we try to find our own style together? I will tell you about my vision of these theme.

Online course contains video materials:
  • How to start sew clothes for toys
  • What tools to use
  • Two mutual ways to transfer pattern
  • Building patterns for two different toys
  • Sewing a jumpsuit and a dress

As a gift:
  • Jumpsuit pattern for a bear
  • Video tutorial knitting a "Elf Hat"
  • Video tutorial knitting a "Dickey"

After watching this online course, here you can see how I sew a shirt, jacket and trousers for a toy using these patterns
This course is accompanied by a detailed list of materials and tools for which everything can be purchased at any of the stores that sell materials for Teddy toys
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