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How much does it cost to make one bear?

Basic materials
Finished toy size about 15 cm
  1. 1/8 (35x50cm) piece of colored viscose - from 480 rubles for Helmbold and from 700 rubles for Schulte (there are different types of viscose, ranging from fluffy, curly and ending with hand-colored viscose, which is more expensive than factory)
  2. 10 discs (4 for the handles, 4 for the legs and 2 for the head) - I recommend taking the discs from the firm - fiber, they are strong and reliable. The discs that we need in our work have a diameter of 15 to 22mm, they cost an average of 50 rubles per set of 10 discs
  3. T-shaped split pins - 4 pcs, in the store they are sold in a set of 10 pcs, cost 35 rubles; O-shaped - 2 pcs, sold in the same set of 10 pcs, cost from 30-35 rubles (depending on the size of the bear you want to make)
  4. Black glossy eyes - from 50 to 70 rubles per pair (I usually use 3mm)
Additional materials
  1. Waxed thread for stitching parts: 100m of thread costs 200 rubles (we select the thread for the base of viscose)
  2. Reinforced threads (strong)
  3. Brown threads iris for nose embroidery: a ball of 25g - 80 rubles
  4. Sawdust of two fractions: small and large. It is not necessary to buy in specialized stores, I buy in pet stores. In stores for bear makers there are already ready-made sawdust of a large fraction cost 50 rubles for 250 g, and granular sawdust 50 rubles for 1 kg
  5. Metal granulate 1.4mm - 0.5kg for 60 rubles
  6. Adhesive for processing textile edges or viscose parts. The price range is from 210 rubles to 700. I prefer glue from Prym, called Fray Check and it costs 560 rubles.
  7. PanPastel for tinting, they are not cheap and the range is very wide, I would advise you to take 3-4 basic colors and use them
You can find most of the tools at home, but some are better to buy in specialized stores
  1. Scissors for cutting viscose parts. The range of prices is from 500 to 1.500 rubles.
  2. Cutting scissors with sharp points. From 300 to 1.500 rubles.
  3. White gel pen. From 40 to 200 rubles.
  4. Simple pencil
  5. Needles for stitching parts. You can find it in any craft store. The range of prices for needles is quite extensive, you can find domestic production from 80 rubles per pack, or you can buy premium Japanese ones for 1.500 rubles
  6. Chipping pins (round head) - about 100r per set
  7. Long, thin but strong doll needle, approximately 9 cm; about 100 rubles for 1 needle
  8. Pliers (round nose pliers) large and small
  9. Tweezers
  10. A wooden stick for stuffing costs 290r and makes work very easy, but can be replaced with a Phillips screwdriver
  11. Skin brush
  12. Awl; Range from 150-300r
  13. Toning brushes (No2, 14)
  14. Erasers 4 pcs (cut the eraser into 1x1 cm cubes)
  15. Compass-meter
  16. Ruler
  17. Plastic for templates
  18. Lighter
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