Beagle puppy

This Master class has a very detailed and most understandable description that could be an alternative to face-to-face training.

So many creative people who would like to touch the world of Teddy bears do not have the opportunity to attend face-to-face classes.

This material will help you to see and in practice independently go through the path of creating a puppy. Straight from a virgin piece of viscose on the table to a live puppy! Yes, Yes! It will definitely come to life! Teddy's toys are all alive! Having put love and labor into his work, every master is ready to bet that he saw the kid wink at him or slightly twitch his tail!

The size of the finished puppy - 15 cm

More about the master class (MC):
This tutorial includes a detailed description accompanied by collages of photographs and drawings.

Total 37 pages, more than 500 photos in PDF format. The file can be opened and viewed from a phone, tablet, computer.

In this MC:
- a description of creating a puppy without my set of materials (from scratch)
- all stages of work are covered
- taken into account the previous shortcomings
- details about the embroidery of the nose with a photo
- for the first time I tell you how I do tightening

Don't know where to buy the necessary materials and tools for this master class?
This course is accompanied by a detailed list of materials and tools for which everything can be purchased at any of the stores that sell materials for Teddy toys
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