Rabbit ShalilU

The master class includes a pattern of a cute rabbit and the author's technology and techniques for creating a toy in the style of Teddy

The rabbit was created according to my author's pattern, has original handwriting and forms. In the master class, I tell you in detail how to sew this toy yourself:

  • what materials and tools will be needed;
  • how to fill it with sawdust;
  • how to form a beautiful head;
  • how to sew on ears;
  • how to tighten a recognizable face;
  • how to tint without spoiling the work.

Includes two separate master classes with patterns:

1. Master class on creating toys
48 pages of detailed descriptions of all stages of work, accompanied by photographs (more than 368 photographs in total)
+ pattern

2. Master class on tailoring
10 pages of detailed process description + photos (about 64 pieces)
+ pattern

If you want to show off the result of your work or see the results of others, see the Instagram tag #ШалилУ_МК_glarchik

Don't know where to buy the necessary materials and tools for this master class?
This course is accompanied by a detailed list of materials and tools for which everything can be purchased at any of the stores that sell materials for Teddy toys
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