Flat-faced lamb

Online course
In this course we will sew a toy in the style of Teddy's friends and dress it in miniature clothes. This online course always will be available to you on this site in your account.

— What kind of toy is this - Flathead?
  • This is an author's cartoon toy created by me in 2011
  • All my toys can move and are made in the style of Teddy bears
  • It has a flat face and simple body shapes, arms and legs
  • Toy's size about 20 cm in full height
  • She can't stand on her own, just sit and lie down
  • Not a toy for children
  • This is a whole collection of characters!

— Who is this course suitable for?
  • The course is suitable for those who already know how to sew and sew Teddy bears.
  • For those who are "burning" with desire to learn and are full of strength, optimism and faith in their own strength, and I will give knowledge!
  • Who knows how to hold a needle in their hands and is ready for new knowledge and experience.

— What are we going to do on this course?
  • Working with long-pile cotton
  • Five ways to help you sew parts comfortably and prepare them for stuffing
  • Features of holofiber stuffing
  • Marking the muzzle before embroidery the nose and setting the eyes
  • A simple and reliable way to set the glass eyes
  • Features of embroidery of a large volume nose with threads
  • We will sew a simple basic dress
  • Sew a boho jumpsuit

All patterns are included

Don't know where to buy the necessary materials and tools for this master class?
Mishkodel store has prepared some sets including fabrics and clothes, discs and cotter pins, and other necessary materials for creating this sheep. Material kits are available in three colors.
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