Micro elephants Loсotamiks

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Why microslonics? Why "locotamiks"?!
Why micro elephants? Are they so small? No! The first time I sewed an elephant in 2012 and he was about 25 cm in full height. Then I began to modernize the pattern and change the scale, selecting gradually the materials I was looking for my style.... And when I sewed an elephant of 12 cm for the first time, I was delighted! My friends and I dubbed this size a micro elephant)))) Later I tried to sew a smaller elephant, but it lost in mobility, detail and in general, the image was not so harmonious. That's why this size became the standard for me, and the name was kept!)))
Why "locotamiki"!
I always give names to my toys and of course, creating a collection I couldn't leave it nameless.
I easily come up with strange names, just by the image and the associations that are born in my head in the consonance of sounds.
I think we have met the micro elephants, right?!)))))))

What are we going to sew elephants out of?
I propose to sew babies from special, professional German viscose. This is such a material with a pile of plant fibers. The pile is not long, soft, docile. Just what you need

The course includes:
My recommendations on what viscose is best to take and what fabric for clothes is best to choose
Detailed acquaintance with all the tools and materials that will be needed in the work
Information on how to prepare sawdust for stuffing elephants on your own
• Detailed, step-by-step video guide how to sew 4 small elephants from viscose on the same pattern, but from different viscose. Their size is only 12 cm, full-size
• Instructions on how to tint and decorate the elephants
• Detailed video tutorials on sewing 4 different sets of clothes and even on sewing a travel bag and embroidery on it.
• We will knit a striped cap on needles from cotton mulin threads
• Let's crochet a funny cap with mulin threads.
• You will see how I build a dress pattern for one of the elephants!
• We will go through all the steps together and you will definitely be able to sew a whole flock of cozy elephants, even if you had no idea how to do it before!

Don't know where to buy the necessary materials and tools for this master class?
This course is accompanied by a detailed list of materials and tools for which everything can be purchased at any of the stores that sell materials for Teddy toys
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